Te Mata Glamping
Te Mata Glamping had a humble beginning. It began with a vision that our founders have to find an ideal combination between an adventurous camping and a luxury villa. With this thought in mind, they created
Te Mata Glamping, Your Unscripted Luxury.
Te Mata Glamping

We created this place for people who love to live - a genuine place for the ones who appreciate little things. We have no room for formal services, feel free to have your breakfast served at noon or take a stroll around your undisturbed grounds at midnight.

Te Mata Glamping was customized to be the only one, it was a one luxury tent hotel. A few years past, Te Mata grew in its popularity so we developed into a 5 Private Luxury Tent and 2 Residence Hotel.

Not compensating on our core identity, all the glamps are different and made just for you and your loved ones.

Our Philosophy

A place that you can come and just be.
Te Mata Glamping

Concept of tenting came from the desire to get in touch with nature while still maintaining superior quality stay. The curves of the roof were carefully designed to give certain shadows and shade at certain times. This ensures that our guests hear whispers of birds chirping in the morning and the sound of forest whistling through the night atmosphere.

Materials Used

Our use of wood, stone and leather encourages a genuine and practical experience, bringing the beauty and depth of nature into all faces of this luxury tent. All of our furnitures are hand selected and mostly customised to create an unparalleled rarity that will surely captivates the hearts of Te Mata Glampers.

Te Mata Glamping
Glamp Phases

Accelerating into finishing our big master plan is not in our agenda rather put our time into creating each unique glamp as best as possible. Hence, there will be so many different phases.

  • Phase 1: Te Mata Royale stand-alone Glamp (2018)
  • Phase 2: Te Mata Lakeside & Te Mata 360° Glamps (2020)
  • Phase 3: Eden Pool & Eden Onsen Pet-Friendly Glamps (2021)
  • Phase 4: Te Mata Hilltop & Hillrock Residences (2021)
  • Phase 5: Te Mata Lounge (2022)
Te Mata Glamping
Te Mata Glamping
Te Mata Glamping
Pay It Forward

The founders believe so strongly in giving back to the community. Starting with communities around the hotel and our employees. We are committed to give a certain percentage of our makings towards developing underdeveloped societies.

Te Mata Glamping
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