Pay It Forward

Customer’s Commitment

Te Mata Glamping

A part of your stay goes directly towards our Te Mata Baengpan Charity Program.

Our Commitment

We contribute to helping our local communities & emergency crisis around our country.
Local Khao Yai

We are doing a few things from filling potholes in on the roads so that motorcycle riders won’t trip over to cultural things such as providing food to the local temples. We also take the stray dogs in and feed the local in our community.

  • Local temples
  • Food for Fighters for the frontline medical staffs
  • Supporting local schools
Te Mata Glamping
Te Mata Glamping
Citizens of Thailand

When there are nationwide crisis of course we jump in to play our parts. We gave out care packages for people who got affected by covid 19. We sent masks over to the people on the mountain where they usually have the freshest air but suddenly encounter with unforeseen smoke from neighbouring countries. Oxygen machines were sent to hospitals in need. Lunch boxes made and sent to support the nurses and doctors during during outbreaks.

Te Mata Glamping
Te Mata Glamping
Te Mata Glamping
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