Experience our own farm-to-table philosophy from our very own hen house to organic jam from the Northern part of Thailand.

The ultimate start to a fabulous day ahead!

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thumbnail_Brekkie in the garden
thumbnail_Build your own brekkie


Fancy a private fine dine?


We also offer a candlelit dinner under the stars only for you and your chosen companions.

Let's wine & dine the beautiful night away..

Te Mata Dinner
Te Mata Dinner
Te Mata Dinner


Te Mata BBQ 2
Te Mata BBQ 1
Te Mata BBQ

     PREMIUM BBQ     

What's GLAMPING without BBQ-ing?


We offer a full BBQ set including Australian Wagyu steak to organic salad vegetables.

Te Mata Picnic
Te Mata Picnic
Te Mata Picnic

     PICNIC SET     

Happiness on a platter(s)..!

Whether its outdoor picnic on the grass or in our lil' Te Mata we could organise the ultimate picnic set that would blow you away!