Fun night with friends

Enjoy the fun with your friends

What happens at Te Mata stays at Te Mata..

Have you ever been with your gang at a hotel but can't have too much fun as it would disturb the neighbors?

A private spot for tempo beats & chill out vibes with your mates till dawn..Here at Te Mata you and your inner circles could definitely take it up a knot. 

What happens at Te Mata stays at Te Mata.. shhh!

Package includes:

  • Bicycles

  • 2 ATVs

  • A bottle of  premium whiskey or vodka

  • A set of mixers and unlimited ice

  • Premium Dinner BBQ package

  • Complimentary Chauffer service to a destination of your choice within Khao Yai

  • Karaoke machine

If the packages here are still not what you're looking for shoot us an email 

97 Moo 6 Amphoe Parkchong, Thailand, 30130 | +66 616 62 6615

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