Te Mata Glamping had a humble beginning. It began with a vision that

our founders had- to find an ideal combination between an adventurous camping and a comfortable villa. With this thought in mind, they created

Te Mata Glamping, the unpretentious luxury.

Te Mata Glamping was created by travellers for travellers, a place for

chatting, laughing, playing, exploring, dreaming and essentially

enjoying each others’ company.

We created this place for people who love to live - a genuine place for the ones who appreciate little things. We have no room for formal services, feel free to have your breakfast served at noon or take a stroll around your undisturbed grounds at midnight.


We aim to make you feel like you could let loose and leave feeling recharged with all the precious memories made with your loved ones.


Organic Farmhouse
hot shower & air conditioning
Private BBQ Area
& Fire Pit
well-equipped bathroom 
Rainfall Shower

The concept breeds on the vision - an environmental and yet extravagant tent that ensures comfortability. We give no compromise to either..


Mimicking features of camping tents to give an adventure feel

without having to sacrifice an ounce of comfort. 

Te Mata was customised to be the only one, it is a one luxury tent hotel.


The founders believe so strongly about giving back to the community and have been doing them since they were in school. They believe that Thai people should be given more opportunities and equal rights. They trust that education plays a sizable role in achieving this and hence it is their main area of focus.  

So a certain percentage of profit generate from Te Mata Glamping is put towards developing underdeveloped communities around Thailand.

School Visit
Dam Building

97 Moo 6 Amphoe Parkchong, Thailand, 30130

temata.glamping@gmail.com | +66 616 62 6615

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